Stationary Engine Auktion - Netherlands

by Aumann Vintage Power


September 25, 2018 Auction ending at 6:00pm Central European Summer Time


South Netherlands ,


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After 70 plus years of collecting, working and showing his engines our client has decided to sell part of his collection. Like many other collectors Bertus came to acquire some of his pieces by his work trade; Mechanical engineer. He quickly became an expert of functionality and technology of the gas engine in general. So much so he would sometimes take a deal with a customer that he would trade for labour.
This sale represents only part of what he was able to get acquire in the past decades. At the age of 94 now he wants to give someone else the opportunity to take these pieces and collect, work and show them just as he enjoyed and shared this admiration for our industrial heritage.

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Stationary Engine Auktion - Netherlands
6:00pm CEST September 25th, 2018
Items Located in the South Netherlands!

Hauling Available!  See Information below.

Stationary Engines

Single Cylinder Engine  -Single cylinder petrol engine. Watercooled, zenith carburetor, Magnet BA1ED-18 ignition. According information from owner engine should run very nice

Wolsely Model WD F  -Single cylinder 1.5 HP Hopper cooled Wolseley engine, runs on GAS (LPG). Lucas magnet ignition.

1930 Rustic BW -Nice origininal French build single cylinder watercooled gasoline engine. Original brass carburetor with lavalette magnet ignition

1960 Lister DH -1.5 HP at 700 rpm, standing single cylinder watercooled engine. Amal carburetor and Lucas ignition

1935 Deutz MA 608 -Nice and small is this single cylinder 4 Hp watercooled Deutz MA608 gasoline engine. Older restoration.

1960 Lister Engine -2 HP, Amal carburator and Lucas magnet ignition. Delivered by Brinkmann & Niemeyer in the Netherlands. Lovely old patina. With a little work this engine should be able to run.

Lister -Gasoline engine. Hopper cooling and Solex carburetor. See pictures -> some parts missing, engine no. 1PA 2293

Deutz Air Pump -Deutz Gasmotoren Fabrik, air pump. Patina condition. ID 5038

Bernard Moteurs  -Nice original patina Bernard Moteurs petrol engine. 

Sendling motor -Sendling motor with hopper watercooling and round cylinderhead. Magneto present. Is standing for some years. 1 fueltank for petroleum is missing. Nice engine to restore. Looks a little like the small Deutz engines for that time.

Deutz engine  -Nice patinafull Deutz stationaire engine with hopper cooling and original poulie. Complete but needs some work to get it running again.

Petter new model engine -Petter New Model Universal M type oil engine with hopper cooling. 5 HP at 600 RPM. Single cylinder standing petrol engine. Complete, really nice collector motor

1932 Rustic Gasoline BX -Rustic petrol engine with Solex carburetor on movable frame. Type BX, no. 318. Oda fuel tap. Nice restored in the past. Fitted with poulie.

Moteur Japy (made in France) -Moteur Japy stationaire 1 cylinder engine, serie R, 3HP. Fitted with a nice Griffon carburetor and Lavalette Paris magneto. Engine mounted on movable frame. Equipped with poulie. Seperate watertank for cooling with belt driven waterpump. Forced air cooling

Moteurs Deville&Cie (made in France) -Moteurs Deville&Cie type 0, petrol engine. 1.5 HP Hit & Mis. Older restoration but in nice original condition. No repairs or damages on cast iron parts. Seperate waterboiler, brass carburetor and fitted with poulie. Mounted on mobile chart.

Liesen stationaire engine -Liesen stationaire petrol engine, 8HP with Bosch magneto. Nice original and most likely a marine engine.

Petter  -8 HP Petter Universal petrol engine.Engine nr. K774. 2 cylinder boxermotor. Marine usage?

Other Items

Crouse Hinds Lamp DCX12 -Vintage item; Crouse Hinds industrial lamp, modeltype DCX12. 115V, 500W with an T24 bulb. Made in Toronto, Canada. Brass 30cm diameter foot. Lamphousing diameter 42cm

Gasoline Pum Model I34 -Great collectors item with Dutch lettering. Standing wallmounted gasolinepump complete with brass nozzle and hose. Sold by firm Hardol. No parts missing or broken.

Tank Heater-Generator  -Homelite corporation tank heater-generator 30V, 30A, 1500W, HRUH-28, NO 42A

Karbiet gasifire -Very rare item, Karbiet gasifire module for fieldwelding. Dutch delivered item by firm Hilarius in Haarlem. Most likely from 1941. Number 17978

Set of 4 cast iron wheels -Cast iron

Conrad electromotor -Make: Conrad. Type EK 165/60/4. 0.5HP

Elektromotor with Stork Baby waterpump -See pictures for many details of electromotor and waterpump, engine no. 141420

Gasoline container -Wallmounted gasoline container with fuel amount indicator. Nice collector part for mancave or in classic car garage.

B+S ? gasoline stationaire engine -Incomplete B+S engine. 

Villiers petrol engine -Villiers engine. Petrol tap is missing.

Set of 2 engines -Set of 2 engines; 1 is a JAP and the other a Briggs and Stratton model 9 type 201084. The Jap is for spare parts, the B+S is nearly complete

Set of 2 fuel tanks -Fuel tanks, set of 2. Old condition

Attachement parts -Lot of 5 attachement parts; 1 front axle, 1 exhaust system and 4 handle bars

Wooden storage box -Wooden storage box; 41x28x60cm. Collectable vintage item

Electrical systems (set of 2) -Set of 2 wall mounted steel boxes containing electrical systems. Multiple usage.

Magneto's (3 items) -From left to right: Simms type C4, nr. 5-T for 4 cylinder engine. Bosch adjustable type ZE1 for 1 cylinder. BR.S.G.D.C. and on the right a RB magneto. The operation of all items is not known

Magneto's (4 items) -From left to right: Robert Bosch B.A.1 adjustable magneto. Bosch FC1ARS7, Bosch FC1ARS7 and right a SEV BW type A1 adjustable magneto. The operation of all items is not known

Magneto's (7 items) -From left to right: BTH Eclipse type N, R.Bosch BA1, JH Lavalette BW, Bosch BA1 DRGM, J.Lucas N1.6 type SG, Lavalette BW JH3-30 301D, Bosch FC1ARS11. The operation of all items is not known

Magneto's (3 items) -From left to right: Lucas SR4 type MKIIA-10-57 for 4 cylinder engine. Wakefield Wico type A1155, B7. On the right side a Wakefield magneto. The operation of all items is not known.

Magneto's (3 items) -From left to right: The first one is a ML, in the middle a Bosch and on the right side a ML type CK1. The operation of all items is not known.

Magneto's (4 items) -From left to right: ML, Lavalette and 2 spare parts.

Magneto's (7 items) -From left to right: Lavalette Bosch AT4G, Bosch American FXLED1V2, Lavalette AT1G, Lavalette/Bosch AS1D, Lavalette AS1GS3, Lavalette AT1DS51 and a SEV type B1N. The operation of items is not known.

ML magneto  -ML magneto from Coventry England. For hit & miss engine. Type KS. Operation not known

ML magneto  -ML magneto, type MS2707/15. Operation not known

Bosch magneto -R.Bosch AR31 magneto. Operation not known

Fisher magneto -Fisher S411 magneto. Operation not known

Oil drippers (3 items) -3 nice original oil drippers

Oil drippers (4 items) -4 nice original oil drippers

Oil drippers (4 items) -4 nice oil drippers for stationaire engine. 1 item most likely from old Deutz engine

Oil drippers (2 items) -2 oil drippers

Oil dripper tap -Collectable oil dripper tap

Oil dripper, incomplete -Oil dripper, glas missing. Incomplete. 1 item most likely from old Deutz engine

Oil dripper -Great looking oil dripper Marque Deposee

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