Premier European Sign Collection

by Aumann Antique Tractors


September 28, 2017 Auction begins closing at 6:00pm Central


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This auction is absolutely packed with high quality signs! Many seldom seen examples with some in near mint condition. Make sure you take a look at this amazing auction!

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Premier European Sign Collection

6:00pm CEST Thursday, September 28th, 2017

All Signs Located in the Netherlands

Early listing! More information and catalog coming soon!


ZAP Soda -measures 12.5 X 9.5 inches, Exceptional Quality and Exceptional Shape soda sign!  Mint condition. Perfect gloss.  Light porcelain loss at mounting tabs.  Langcat Bussum
De Vereeninge Glasverzekering Mijen Sign-measures 14.75 X 9 inches, Exceptional Quality Sign in Excellent shape!  Willy Sluiter artist.  Langcat Bussum.  Insurance for Glass - wonderful graphics and wonderful shape!
Vita Eiwit- measures 14.75 X 9 inches, Exceptional Quality and Exceptional Shape sign.  Langcet Bussum.  Sign for vitamin to be added to drink.  Only wear is on mounting tabs.
Arbeiderspers newspaper sign-measures 12.75 X 9.5 inches, Exceptional Quality Sign with Very Good Shape!  Roughness around perimeter and mounting holes.  Scratches and few chips in middle.  Embossed. Artist signed.   
Tavannes Watch Co. CYMA -measures 15.75 X 9.5inches, Exceptional shape: 1926 Emailleries De Koekelberg  Embossed, Very nice condition

Arnhemsche -measures 12.5 X 9.25 inches, Exceptional Quality Sign! Verzekering Maatschappij Tegen Brandschade Directie:  Anre De La Porte Langcat Bussum.  Some brown discoloration or scratches on the bottom, Some chipping on edges and mounting tabs, chipping to left side in porcelain
Singer Machines a Coudre (Sewing Machine)-measures 34.5 X 22.75 inches, Exceptional sign with original with tax tag.  At the time the owner paid tax every year for an advertising tax.  The last year it was paid was 1953.  Near perfect shape! Extremely few tiny imperfections.  
Bosch spark plug sign-measures 22.75 X 30.75 inches, Exceptional sign.  The body of the sign is in very good shape with few very light scratches but with a few small chips on edges and one significant chip by the lower left mounting bracket.  
Bosch 6 vt battery sign-measures 22.75 X 30.75 inches, Exceptional quality sign - rare 6 vt battery advertisement.  Original decal on back.  Beautiful shape with a few small chips around the edges and mounting brackets in bad shape.  Sign is amazing!
Eyquem spark plug thermometer-measures 12.5 X 38 inches, Exceptional Quality thermometer sign.  Corners and edges rough with some porcelain missing - mostly in corners near mounting brackets.
Steyr Puch sign-measures 38.5 X 25.25 inches, Exceptional Quality and Exceptional condition.  Austrian sign.  Wonderful shape with minor imperfections at mounting corners and one chip on edge in top middle and another at left side edge.

Schluter Tractor Sign-measures 25.25 X 18.75 inches, Boos Hahn Manufacturer, Pyro-Email  Diesel Mororen Diesel Tractoren
Eicher Diesel Service Sign-measures 29 X 19 inches, Embossed Artist Trickl Maker:  Robert Dold, Pyro-Emal Surface scratches, Crazing, Chipping to enamel and damage on edges
Raleigh All Steel Bicycle-measures 28.75 X 19 inches, Scratches and some chipping around edges
Cunard Line USA & Canada-measures 14.75 inches, Chipping to porcelain and touched up at right side, surface scratching.  Maufacuter Langcat Bussum
MET Flora's Hoenderbeschuit De Meeste Eieren -measures 10.5 X 11.75inches, Chip around mounting hole, some surface scratching in the gloss
Constante kwaliteit Caballero Cigarettes-measures 22.75 X 14.75inches, manufactured by Pierot
Phillips for Light-measures 15 X 11.5 inches, Surface scuffing, Touch up around mounting holes, few chips on box border, large porcelain chip on top left hand corner
Oude Snik -measures 18.75 X 25 inches, Adrianus Van Den Eelaart Schiedam Anno 1697, light scratching, some light damage to the around upper white letters
Veiling Septer Tiel-measures oval 18.5 X 12.5 inches, made by Langcat Bussu, chipping mostly around edges, touch ups, Surface scratching, Discoloring in white lettering
Lanco Insurance Sign-measures 24.75 X 14.5 inches, Insurance sign. Emaillerie Belge-Bruxelles, Excellent shape, top right corner mounting tab rusty and damaged, some scratching, in really good shape.
Invar Precision Clocks-measures 15.5 X 15.75 inches, Clock  Precision Chronometrique with pocket watch embossed, Chipping on edges and around mounting tabs, scratches, some chipping to inside, some fading to pocket watch, loss of sheen.
Duys Sign-measures 25 X 18.75 inches, Some restoration Ouwe DUYS Artist is JanLavie_
Wildpark (Zoo) sign-measures 27.25 X 19.25 inches, Noorder Dierenpark Emmen (DR.)  Embossed Sign touched up around 2 nail holes and touched up chip in top
Rookt Kaveewee- measures 39.5 X 15.75 inches, Discoloration in the black paint and borders and chipping damage on top mounting holes
De Wit Kaaswas- measures 41.5 X 26.75 inches, Manufacturer Langcat Bussum
Kahrel's Koffie right-measures 22.5 X 14.5inches, Facing right, Horizontal scratches, Touched up across top left half, discoloration in white letters ,damage to eyelet in bottom corners,
Kaherl's Koffie left-measures 22.5 X 14.5 inches, Facing left, Discoloration, damage to top right mounting hole, repair to left top mounting hole, touch up along edge, discoloration on orange, surface scratches in gloss
Nestle Baby Milk-measures 45 X 12.75 inches, Curved Porcelain Thermometer, Beautiful gloss, touch up across bottom, see photos
Turkenburg Zaden Bloembollen-measures 30.5 X 37.75 inches, After an image by Vincent Van Gogh, 2 bottom mounting holes damaged,bottom edge has been completely touched up, touch up along the bottom edge, chipping around 3 corners, quarter size chip on left side has been touched up, maker's mark with paint streak on back
BMW-measures 23.5 inches, Scratching, damage, good for shop display but damaged shape
BMW-measures 23.5 inches, Some chipping, repainting, scratching - good for some shop display
Pennzoil-measures 18.5 X 58 inches, Foremail-brux, touch ups, chipping, scratching,
Vesta Insurance Sign-measures 30.75 X 46inches, Langcat Vesta Levensverzekerimg - Volksve Bottom 2 mounting tabs are gone, top 2 mounting tabs are damaged.  Chips to porcelain on edges and few large spots in center, scuffed gloss,
Autoline Flange Sign-measures 23.5 X 15.75 inches, Re-touched all over, rough edges, chipping, scratching, not good shape, but good for shop display
Shell-measures 59 X 59.75 inches, Large sign Chipping, some added tabs, Scratching, not great shape sign - would be fine in a shop.
Humber -measures 29 diameterinches, Langcet Bussum manufacture sign.  Chips and missing porcelain all around edges.  Rough shape - chips and scratches.  Mounting tabs with problems.  
Ripolin sign painters-measures 11.75 X 11.75 inches, Chipping around edges and mounting holes.  Sign maker paint mark on back. Ripolin  Ter Beschildering Van Hout Metaal, Cement, Steen, Naaml:  Venn:  Le Ripolin Amsterdam - Paris - London.
Endelhrdt beer sign-measures 15 X 11 inches, Corners and edges are in imperfect shape.  Mounting tabs are broken.  Some large chips.  
Pennzoil Sign-measures 18.5 X 57.5inches, Large sign with chips, some rusting and in rough condition.  But good for shop or barn sign.  
Englebert-measures 11.75 X 39.5inches, Belgium sign with imperfect corners near mounting brackets.  One chip middle bottom.   1957 was last date.  Very small chips and roughness on edges.
Valvoline Motor Oil sign double-sided-measures 19.5 X 12.75inches, Boos & Hahn, Ortenberg - Baden.  Chips and some roughness. Some significant re-painting and touchups .  Holes in center of sign, also.   
Ritmeesters cigar sign-measures 46 X 30.5inches, Large sign with chips and roughness.  Mounting bracket issues - upper right one is missing.  Larger chips and scratching.  Please see photos.  Would be good for shop or garage hanging, however.  
Bovac-measures 25 X 12inches, Sign in good shape. But light rust coming through and some small chipping around edges.  Some brackets in worse shape than others.
Bovac-measures 25 X 12inches, Mounting brackets are gone or in bad shape.  Paint in rough shape.  Chipping on edges and one spot in lower right quadrant.  
Phillips bicycle sign-measures 18.5 X 28.25inches, "The true temer steel bicycle"  Mounting holes are rough - one is missing.  Rough edges, chipping.  Looks faded or discolored.  
Bondscijwielverhuurder bike rental sign-measures 14.25 X 11inches, Sign in very good shape for a bonding of bike rental operators.  
Dolle farm equipment-measures 26.75 X 18.75inches, Sales and service of agricultural machines.  Machines Agricloes Francaises.  En Vente ICI.  Rough shape with chips and roughness throughout.  Good for barn or shop.
Persil-measures 23.25 X 15.5inches, Excessive touchup and repaint.  Embossed.  Has a good look, but it is not restored condition.  
Jan Roozen seed sign-measures 12.25 X 12.25inches, Jan Roozen  Beckers Bergen of Zoom.  Some chipped porcelain at edges but no significant scratches.  
Perl Hero sign-measures 29.5 X 6inches, Bowed and has chipped porcelain and slight scratches.  
Rona Cacao sign-measures 23.5 X 14.5inches, Van Houten's Rona Cacao Zuiver Oplosbaar Rough sign with chipped edges and faded paint with some scratches.  Flat sign.  Possibly pre-1900.
Marlboro Thermometer sign-measures 48 X  6.25inches, From 1980's.  Faded but in good shape woth some roughness on edges but the thermometer is missing.  
Lucky Horse Shoe sign-measures 15 X 12inches, Rough sign, but interesting.  Very rough chipping at edges and scratched sign.  Lucky Horse Bharat Rubber Works  Bombay No 3.  
Kahrel's Thee facing left-measures 27.5 X 18.75inches, Selling tea.  Very rough shape on edges and some holes in sign with chips and scratching throughout.  
Persil sign-measures 14.5 X 22.5inches, In beautiful shape but some very light scratching or fading.  
Mobiloil sign-measures 59 X 19.5inches, Belgium sign with large porcelain chips and roughness throughout.  
Persil sign-measures 14.5 X 22.5inches, One quarter sized chip in porcelain.  
Voor Betere Koffie-measures 37 X 59.25inches, de Beukelaar cichorei.  Great graphics on this beautiful sign.  Has been touched up.  Fading, scratching and rust coming through from back side, but great looking very large sign. Great patina.  
UBO tires-measures 32.5 X 46inches, Large chip at top left quadrant.  Langcat sign maker.  Some roughness and chipping at edges.  
KK Kreidler Service sign-measures inches, Roughness at edges.  Fading.  See photos for the problems with this sign.
Goodrich Double Sided-measures 23.75 X 31.5inches, Early flat sign, 20's, Frech sign, very heavy porcelain, some fading on one side, small scratches, chips around mounting holes.  See pictures for further condition
Small Van Nelle Coffee-measures 3.25 X 6.25inches, Doorpush sign, touched up, Dutch sign, has some touch up
Van Nelle's Tobacco-measures 3.25 X 6.25inches, Doorpush sign, touched up across the top and on bottom mounting flange
Porcelain Stove Plate-measures 30 X 12inches, Nice Dutch scene, porcelain sign from the side of a stove, nice condition
Porcelain Stove Plate-measures 30 X 12inches, Nice Dutch scene, porcelain sign from the side of a stove, some chips on mounting hole and on th edge
LPG Motor Oil Doorpush- measures 4.25 X 8.25inches, Small sign, nice condition, door push sign, Langcat manufacturer
Sonnema Berenburg Doorpush -measures 3.25 X 6inches, Small sign, nice condition, few small chips around mounting holes, black edge
Sonnema Berenburg Doorpush -measures 3.25 X 6inches, Small sign, nice condition, white edge
Roamer Watch Dealer Doorpush- measures 3.5 X 6.25inches, Touch up on the bottom edge, around mounting holes, nice graphic, rare!
NSU Sportmodel Motorcycles-measures 18.5 X 27inches, Embossed, large touch up in the bottom right corner, along with several on the edges, see photos for condition
Gulf Pump Plate-measures 6 3/4"inches, Nice older Gulf sign, much smaller than American Pump Plates, nice field condition with a few chips around the edge, very heavy shelving
RS Stokvis Fietsen Bicycles-measures 12.25 X 28inches, Nice graphic sign, a lot of touch up across the bottom and along the edges, good decorative piece
Fulda Tire Thermometer-measures 5.75 X 20inches, Chip around mounting hole, thermometer intact, good color and gloss
Shell Pump Plate-measures 13.75 X 6.25inches, Probably French, heavy shelving, nice color and gloss
Cogetama Cigars Vertical Sign-measures 11 X 36.75inches, Incredible graphics on this Belgian sign featuring an American Indian smoking a cigar.  Really great colors, near mint sign, some small chips on the box edge of this sign, does not effect the field at all - really a gorgeous piece!
Englebert Tire Sign-measures 14 X 33.5inches, Significant touch up on this sign across the top, see the photos for condition


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