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Aumann Auctions Hits The Throttle!

Aumann Auctions initiates HUGE expansion heading into 2024.

Aumann Auctions Hits The Throttle! photo

After 61 years in business, Aumann Auctions is making a major expansion once again.  Not only have they made substantial investments in infrastructure and hard assets, but expanded their staff and promoted several members of their team from within.

Aumann has just purchased a new 15,000 square foot, climate controlled showroom to feature high end restored tractors, trucks, cars and engines.  The new facility has polished concrete floors, a direct showroom entry dock, the latest in LED lighting, security system and more!  Partner Alex Fuselier adds “We want to be able to store and sell high end restorations in a building that not only shows them the best, but protects and preserves the restorations our sellers have spent so much time on.”

The building will also allow a larger venue for in-person events that Aumann hosts and will provide space for expansion into the automobile and truck market.  For many years they have seen the parallel collectors from tractors to trucks.  “We really look forward to entering the automobile and truck markets and bring our own quality of marketing and sales services to our existing and new clients,” says partner Tyson Reed.

To enable that new venture Aumann has added Jake Winn of Millersburg, Oregon on staff as their resident truck expert.   Jake has spoken at Antique Truck Historical Society conventions on topics like the History of Kenworth.  His vast knowledge of antique tractors also complements the company on the west coast.

Paul Summers and Mike Rohrer have joined as setup and cataloging team members on the east coast serving Pennsylvania, Maryland and the eastern seaboard as well as helping on major projects across the country.

Other internal promotions include Brian Holst’s new appointment as Auction Manager.  Brian has filled these shoes prematurely and has been singled out by sellers as someone who takes excellent care of them as they go through the auction process.  Brian’s background with managing the John Deere Collector Center and his interest in Muscle Tractors make him a valued member of the team.  He will be representing the IA, WI, MN, NE and Dakota markets as well as servicing special auctions nationwide.

The new “Aumann 50 Point Checklist” and grading system for their best auctions that will be initiated, takes buyer comfort levels to a whole new height.  They recognize the difference in people’s definitions of “restored” varies.   They are introducing a new, more complete way to pass along information about the items they are selling.   Transparency is a core belief with the company and they intend to use these new tools to further promote that.

Andy Wenig of Waterford, PA has joined Roger Johnson and Austin Sims on the toy and memorabilia side of the business.  Andy’s long time and extensive toy knowledge is deep and makes his cataloging descriptions some of the best!  His engineering background makes his attention to detail something for the entire team to strive towards.

Katie Smith has been promoted to Brand and Visual Coordinator.  Her new position allows her to apply her many years of design skills to everything from branding, marketing materials, digital properties right down to the smallest of company-wide visual details.

Aumann has also added numerous catalogers to allow for quicker turn around and less wait time for sellers, a new streamlined shipping department headed by Lucy Messmore to move items to buyers more quickly.  Additional subject matter experts have been added in both coins and firearms.

“I am beyond proud of how our team has expanded and served our clients.  Each and every person here treats the items we represent just like their own.  They are always here to serve both our buyers and sellers.  With all of our staff and new initiatives, I am so excited to enter this next phase of our business!” says Kurt Aumann.