All Gas Engines Signs and Petroliana Antique Tractors

Days Gone By Museum - Joey Collins

A roadside destination ends, but the collection will live on.

Days Gone By Museum - Joey Collins photo

This little piece of "roadside America" situated in Portland, Tennessee has been enjoyed by many over the years as it hosted patrons during normal museum hours over the past 25 plus years.  Joey Collins, owner, has decided to pursue some other interests and has decided that it is finally time to liquidate this staggering collection.  We are honored to be part of presenting this to the open market and help facilitate these items to new collections for other collectors to enjoy for many years to come!

Joey has attended many of our auctions over the years. We always enjoyed visiting with him. What a great guy! A laid-back, southern personality that liked all kinds of things – as long as it had wheels and a motor! Tractors, trucks, cars, planes, engines, and all of the things associated with that. 

Joey was ahead of his time, seeking out nice original items of anything. He always valued “mechanics” more than “shiny paint”. He did a great job of finding those kinds of units in his years of collecting!


The Collins Family built this museum and operated it for many years. The volume and variety are difficult to match anywhere! From antique tractors, trucks, gas engines, steam, airplanes, motorcycles and farm antiques from all over the world - it's all here! This will be an auction to remember and one to look forward to. Many of these items have been in the museum for decades and are now all coming to you, fresh to the market!

Saying that this collection is diverse might just be an understatement.  If you like Americana, antiques, automotive, pop culture, early agriculture and the like....then this is heaven.  Situated within this collection is an impressive selection of Maytag items, more than likely the finest and most complete Maytag collection on the planet!  Nearly every variation of engine including factory prototypes, racers, washers of nearly every early model, neon signs, signs, optional attachments, memorabilia and more!

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