Donald Carpenter Estate Auction

Donald and Rochelle Carpenter, a lovely couple who took great pride in their home and enjoyed decorating it for every holiday and season. Their love for their home extended beyond just the decor, they also took excellent care of it by keeping it clean, organized, and well-maintained.

They wanted to make it their own and create a warm and inviting space that their family and friends would enjoy. So, they started by adding small touches and gradually worked their way up to creating beautiful displays for every holiday and season. Their home was always festive and welcoming, with spring flowers on the porch, fall themed decor in the living room, and a Christmas set up that would make you feel like you were at Macy's. But they didn't just stop at the decor.

They know that a well-maintained home is just as important as its appearance. They took great care to ensure that their home is clean and organized, with everything in its place. From regular cleaning and maintenance to ensuring that the HVAC system is in top shape, they took care of it all. Don and Rochelle's home is not just a house, it's a reflection of their love and dedication to each other, to the life they have lived and to their friends and family. They poured their hearts into everything they did, and their home is no exception.

Knowing the items in their home from the beautiful decor items, glass pieces, tools they worked with and pans they baked Christmas cookies on will go to people who will love them and cherish them as they did brings joy and comfort to their family.



7:00 PM


1404 Morning Glory Dr.

Vandalia, IL


Online bidding




10/12/23 & 10/17/23 3PM-5PM

Conducted By Aumann Auctions, Inc.

Conducted By Aumann Auctions, Inc.