Jim MacFadden's "Tractors From All Over Collection"

We’ve met many collectors throughout our years, and few can match the eye that Jim has for finding quality, original tractors. His travels are not just limited to all over the United States, but literally all over the world. He’s one of just a few collectors that have numerous continents on their list of where they have found tractors! After 40 years of collecting, Jim’s sheds are bulging and after much thought and selection we will be offering some very nice hand picked American made and European tractors. Here’s your chance to buy some excellent tractors from a great collection!


November 13, 2023

Begins Ending at 6:00 p.m. Central


1457 Highway Route 20, PO Box 220

Sharon Springs, NY


Online bidding



Conducted By Aumann Auctions, Inc.

Conducted By Aumann Auctions, Inc.