Buying Information

Here you will find a detailed explanation of bidding procedures.  Read over this to learn how the auction works and to better educated yourself to become an expert at bidding!

Attending Your First Auction

Attending your first auction can be a nervous experience. Disregard urban legend about scratching your nose and buying a car! Contact one of our Aumann Auction Staff and they will be happy to assist you. Don’t be intimidated - auctions are fun!

Auction Catalogs

An auction catalog is a list of items to be sold, in the order they will sell. Each item has a "lot number," which denotes its sale order, and a description. Catalogs with photos are available online. Catalogs are usually posted at least one week prior to the auction. Printed auction catalogs are available by contacting our office; prices of these catalogs vary.

Ways to Bid

Auctions are open to the public and free of charge.  Aumann Auctions offers three ways to bid and participate in the auction. 1.) Bid in person at the auction. 2.) Place an Absentee bid in advance of the auction. 3.) Bid live during the auction by using our convenient online bidding system. 

Before the Auction

Inspection - Before bidding on an item, you should thoroughly inspect it. If you have questions - just ask! A member of the Aumann Auction staff is always available during the preview to assist you with condition assessment and identification.

Registration - All bidders are required to register. Locate the cashier station and they will assist with your bidder registration. You will also need a valid driver’s license or photo ID. If you plan to spend a large amount, check with us to see if a Bank Letter of Guarantee is required for the auction. You will then be issued a Bidder’s Number. You are ready to go now!

Payment Options For Bidding In-Person:

Cash, Credit Card, or Valid Check- U.S. dollars ONLY

For purchases over $10,000, a Bank Letter of Guarantee is required.

During the Auction

If you wish to bid, simply hold up your hand or bidding card when the auctioneer calls a bid that is acceptable. If someone advances the bidding, after your bid, the auctioneer will come back to you. If you wish to continue bidding, just hold up your bid card again. If you do not wish to bid again, shake your head no. An Aumann Auction representative will be happy to assist you during this process. Just let us know!

 After the Auction

After the auction is over, or when you are done bidding for the day, it is time to pay for your purchases. Visit the cashier, and they will check you out and issue you a receipt so that you may leave with your merchandise. Items cannot be removed from the auction site until paid in full.

If you have left absentee bids via, or used our live bidding platform or an Absentee Phone Bid your credit card will be charged subsequent to the auction, so be sure to have adequate credit available. Usually in the following week the items are shipped out.