European Oldtimer Traktor Online Auktion

by Aumann Antique Tractors


September 19, 2017 Auction begins closing at 6:00pm Central


Online Only Auction Netherlands,


Online Only Auction


Aumann Auctions is back in Europe! This fantastic online auction will be featuring a beautiful set of Lanz Bulldog tractors along with other brands such as Gray, John Deere Lanz, SFV, Styer, Motomeccanica, Fahr and many others! We also have a great selection of engines and Lanz Bulldog parts. Make sure you check out this auction!

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Ending Time

September 19, 2017 06:00 PM

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European Antique Traktor Online Auktion

6:00pm CEST Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Items Located in the Netherlands and Germany!

Early listing! More information and catalog coming soon!

Featured Items!

1939 Lanz 55hp Eilbulldog - Rare true Eilbulldog! Complete cosmetic and mechanical restoration, many new parts!

1936 Lanz Bulldog Model 1531 - Complete cosmetic and mechanical restoration! All the work is already done!

1943 Lanz Bulldog Model 9531 - Complete cosmetic and mechanical restoration! All the work is already done!

Gray 18-36 Drum Drive - Early American tractor with an older restoration

Claeys Hot Bulb Engine - Beatuiful hot bulb engine on cart!

Ruston Hornsby 23hp Engine - Great display engine!  Setup as a light plant engine!

W1951 Schmier Vorschrift Garden Tractor - Rare Prototype!  Only one is existance!  Completely original condition

Massey Harris Men's Bicycle - Only example known to exist!  Super original bicycle

Minneapolis Moline 17-30b; 1964 John Deere Lanz 24hp; 1949 Society Franscaise Vierzon FV1; 1954 Steyer 180A; Ford 4000; 1959 Meili DM 36-8; 1951 Kaeble Engine; 1956 Steyr 180A; Nuffield Model 4DM; Fordson Super Dextra; Famulious Tractor; 1954 Deutz 514 Tractor; 1957 Steyr Model 180a; 1953 Fendt F15 H6 Dieselross; 1961 Steyr Model N182; 1957 Steyr Model 180a; Motomeccanica Balilla B 50; 1950 Societe Française Vierzon Model 401; 1950 Fahr Tractor;

Stationary Engines
R. A Lister 3.5hp Engine; R. A Lister 3hp Engine; Petter 4hp Appletop Engine; Claeys Hot Bulb Engine; Ruston Hornsby Engine; Junkers Air Compressor Engine; Fairbanks 10hp N Engine; Ruston and Hornsby CR Engine; 1917 Associated Six Mule Team; J Fivet Vertical Engine; John Fowler 5hp Engine

Walk Behind Tractors and Other Items from the Kurt Hoffner Collection
1953 Holder Garden Tractor; 1957 Hansa 50 D Garden Tractor; 1949 Fahr Garden Tractor; Fullwood Milking Machine; 1941 Atlas Garden Tractor; Poge Electric Motor; Electric Motor with Speed Controler; 1936 LWG Garden Tractor; Hansa Garden Tractor; 1957 Guss-u.armaturwerk Kaiserslaturn; Holder Garden Tractor; Home Built Tractor; 1949 Holder Garden Tractor; Crate of Spare Parts; Victoria Bicycle and Moped Poster; Eicher Tractor Thermometer; Pallet of 35+ starters; 1958 Hummel Garden Tractor; Yanmar YK 250 Garden Tiller; 1946 Gutbrod Garden Trractor; British Anzani Walk Behind; 1948 Irus Garden Tractor; Pair of Steyer Rear Fenders; 1955 Bungartz- Gartenfrase; Fahr Sickle Mower; Fahr "Original" Sickle Mower; Lanz LK30 Potato Digger; 1943 Geber.Holder Garden Tractor; 1950 Smimar Frase; 1960 Gutbrod Walk Behind Tractor; 1962 Bungartz FK; 1963 Rapid S Spezial; 1954 Fahr KT 10 D; Lanz Fenders; 1954 Bucher KT 10; Lanz Radiator Sections; 1951 Agria 1800 D Walk Behind Tractor;; Homemade Garden Tiller; Two Row Walk Behind Planter; Helge Palmcrantz Sickle Mower; Victoria Men’s Bicycle;  Rare Karcher 13ft Wagon; Holder Garden Tractor; Lanz Windshield Framing Parts; Robo/Hommel Belt Driven Drill Press; Record Belt Driven Drill Press; 5.5ft Belt Driven Drill Press; Post Vice; Pair of Lug Wreches; Lanz Bulldog Wood Trip; Steel Rear wheels; Headlight Lens; Gutbrod Moto-Standard Garden Tractor; 12v Regulator; Siemens-Schuckert Electric Motor; Pair of Bearings; 7ft Belt Driven Drill Press

LANZ Tractor Parts
Lanz Flywheel Cover; Lanz Sheet Metal Parts; Lanz Bulldog Front Axle; Lanz Bulldog Wheel Centers;  Lanz Bulldog Front Axle;  Reproduction Lanz Motometer; Pair of Lanz Castings; Lanz Toolbox Doors; Lanz Fender Steps; Lanz Flywheel Cover; Lanz Bulldog Transmission Gear; Lanz Bulldog Transmission Gear; Lanz Bulldog Wood Steering Wheel; Line Shaft; Lanz Bulldog Wood Steering Wheel; Line Shaft; Lanz Bulldog PTO Assembly; 2 Way Plow; Lanz Bulldog Drawbar; Small Potato Plow; Lanz Bulldog Drawbar; Line Shaft Clutch; Lanz Bulldog Front Wheels; Lanz -Maschine Four Horse Power; Lanz Bulldog Exhaust Top; Lanz Bulldog Exhaust Top; (2)Lanz Bulldog Rear Axle;  Pair of Lanz Gears; Lanz Bulldog mounts; Lanz Bulldog Crankshaft; Lanz Bulldog Rear Platform; Lanz Bulldog Parking Brake Hold; Lanz Bulldog Brackets; Lanz Bulldog Cover; Lanz Bulldog Cover; Lanz Bulldog Brake Lever;  Lanz Bulldog Wheel Adapters; Lanz Bulldog Flywheel Cover; Lanz Bulldog Steering Shaft; Lanz Bulldog Exhaust Pieces; Sheet Metal Pieces; Sheet Metal Pieces; Lanz Body Framing; Copper Gaskets; Copper Gaskets; Lanz Bulldog Fuel Valve Plate; Brass Radiator Bolts; Lanz Diamond Plate Steps ; Lanz Diamond Plate Steps; Lanz Bulldog Axle Stabilizer; Hitch Pin; Sheet Metal Pieces; Lanz Bulldog Exhaust Pieces; Lanz Bulldog Hood and Side Curtains; Lanz Bulldog Light Bar; Lanz Bulldog Brake Lever; (2)Lanz Bulldog Muffler Baffle; Lanz Bulldog Rear Toolbox; Lanz Bulldog Side Curtains; Lanz Bulldog Clutch Parts; Tractor Seat Back Bracket; Lanz Bulldog Flywheel; Tractor Drawbar; Lanz Bulldog Fuel Valve; Lanz Bulldog Fuel Pump Parts; Lanz Bulldog Fuel Valve; Hot Bulb Torch Mount; New Springs; Brass Bushings; Lanz Lever; Lanz Floorboard Plate; Lanz Bulldog Rear Fenders; Lanz Bulldog Fuel Shutoff; Lanz Bulldog Hitch System; Piston Rings for Bulldog; Lanz Bulldog Parts; Lanz Bulldog Steering Arm; Lanz Bulldog Seat Assembly; Lanz Bulldog Hood Piece; Lanz Bulldog Windshield Frame; Lanz Cast Radiator Cap; Lanz Locking Fuel Cap; Box of Gaskets and Discs; Lanz Fuel System Parts; Main Bearing; Main Bearings; Dash Switch for Bulldog; Transmission gearing



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Aumann Antique Tractors


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